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You are cordially invited to attend one of our monthly organizational meetings. Email us for details on the next meeting date and location. 

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BHNA TreeTeam David, Susan and Jane at 
Fairmount Park Farmers Market-Aug 2013

BHNA TreeTeam Jane and David at our information
table Fairmount Park Farmers Market-Aug 2013

BHNA TreeTeam  Susan and Jane at
Fairmount Park Farmers Market-Sept 2013

Q. What benefit do trees provide?

A. Trees provide many benefits. A 2005 study revealed Toronto's urban forest:

  • Saves $9.7 million/year by reducing energy use from heating and cooling residential buildings
  •          Provides $60 million in ecological services/year
  •          Stores 1.1 million metric tonnes of carbon - the equivalent of annual carbon emissions released              from 733, 000 automobiles/year or a value of $25 million
  •          Intercepts 1,430 metric tonnes of air pollutants/year (value of $16.1 million/year!)

According to Ontario Residential Benefits Estimator, a large broadleaf tree located for optimal energy savings often produces the following benefits: (

Tree Age            kWh Saved       Electricity Savings ($) Stormwater Mitigation (L)  Air Pollution Removed

Over lifetime           4,472                         612                          625,228                                85
(75 years)     

First 10 years            180                           23                           18,560                                   3