Beach Hill Urban Forestry Plan

Four graduates students from The University of Toronto Forestry Program have completed
a management plan for the tree canopy of Beach Hill. 

The students, Diana Guerguieva, Joseph Heeg, Mary Liston and Ram Nepal, worked with our group in the Fall of 2013 and then produced a very comprehensive document that we can all use going forward to protect and enhance the tree canopy in Beach Hill.

Select the link to the 'Beach Hill (Urban Forest Management) Plan' below then click on this icon:PDF 

We encourage you to read it and share your comments with us.

Beach Hill Plan

Suggested pages within the Plan:
  • Beach Hill demographics (who lives here) page 11
  • Beach Hill canopy cover and it's condition (pre ice-storm 2013) page 17
  • City of Toronto tree regulations and policies including trees on city streets, private tree protection, inspection and removal of infected trees page 21
  • Tree inventory page 26